9 Tips to Help You Change Your Perspective

9 Tips to Help You Change Your Perspective, yes please! All of us have trials and tribulations in our lives. No matter how blessed we feel, how much success our business is having right now, situations will arise to challenge that. Sometimes we feel like life just comes at us in a storm.

We think there’s no way we can get to the other side of a challenge, and we want to just give up. If you ever feel like this, then you should try a shift in perspective and get back to the mindset that you will indeed move forward. 

It's so much easier to recognize a problem if you have perspective and positive mindset. Anyone can learn how to change their perspective; it's takes making a commitment that you want to change and then take action.

These nine tips are a fabbo place to start.

  • Think Beyond Right Now

Problems are the hardest when they first occur and come out of nowhere.  That first moment we are faced with a problem or challenge it can knock the air out of us, and we freeze and start chasing or borrowing more trouble that the problem has presented. Often problems don't show up alone, they bring their friends and that may find us dealing with more than one problem.  Weather it's a business or personal problem, problems can take a lot of mental energy. Believing in yourself and that you know how to take action and begin working on solutions is part of that confidence mindset that is key to changing your perspective.

Take some time to think beyond right now, think about the near future. You may find it helps you put things in perspective when you think about how much any of these problems or challenges will matter in the next month or year.

  • Stop and Consider🛑

When it comes to some problems or challenges, your feelings will eventually push out any logical arguments. It's ok to dig deep inside yourself and reflect on what you’re feeling or thinking. Make some time to consider what you are going through, but don't stay there too long and overthink things.

Think about how this problem will impact you right now and like mentioned in tip 1 in the near future. Is the problem something that is temporary, and you can see how to solve it, so it does not re occur?  Maybe consider having this problem now is a positive lesson that will set you up for more success in the future.

Challenges will happen on your business and life journey.  Your perspective and how you stop and handle them will bring you better results than if you just shove them aside to deal with later.

  • Don't Trust Your Negative Inner Voice⛔

Often, our inner dialogue is overly negative. You can’t always trust your own internal voice. Your negative self-talk is like a bully – it keeps you from getting where you want to be. It's important to step outside of the problem that is presented and look from another viewpoint and maybe even reach out to another peer or trusted person to help you change your perspective. Would you talk to a friend or family member the way you talk to yourself? Stop telling yourself the things you cannot resolve with this problem and start telling yourself the action steps you can implement to solve the problem.

  • Ask Your Non-Business Best Friend😎

Asking your best friend what he or she would do can be an effective strategy to help you re-frame and refocus on your problem. While they may not be totally familiar with your business and its daily operations they may see or hear a different non biz related side of the problem that is causing you frustration. Most people who have that positive mindset out outlook on life will usually be able to put positive spin on something completely unrelated and add some key points to the discussion. Because they are not as close to the problem as we are they can often see areas we may find solutions. Having best friends that have nothing to gain from our businesses is valuable as they will be honest with you because they know who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing Asking for their feedback at the very least, will remind you that you can handle anything that comes your way.

  • Get Outside and Back to Nature🍂

Take a walk in a quiet park or hike a trail or go for a drive along a scenic road and stop along the way and just take in the view and you might be able to change your perspective about a problem or anything else that is on your mind. Spending time in nature is a great way to get disconnected from the minutiae and remember that there is a huge world outside your window. Taking in a new view often makes your problems or worries seem small as they are compared to the vastness of nature and outdoors.

  • Spend Time Helping or Serving Others💖

Helping others is a winning strategy for both you and them:

  • You are helping someone who needs to know they matter and are valued.
  • You always get back more when you serve than those you are serving
  • That self-confidence boosts you both get from serving and learning
  • It's a good reminder that your problems might seem very trivial to other people.

Sharing your knowledge or skillset with others for the greater good and to make an impact big or small is a fabbo reason to start a business. We all have something to give or share with others regardless of what we may be going through and helping others get passed a roadblock and showing them we believe in them is an easy way to get a new perspective.

  • Spend Some Time with Kids🚸

Spending time around children is a wonderful way to switch your perspective. It reminds you of a simpler time when your cares melted away in the face of the next adventure. Their child-like innocence and carefree attitude have a way of rubbing off on you.

  • Stop Worrying About " I Should"😟

You don't need to worry about where you're "supposed to" be at a certain age or when you need to reach that next goal.  Don't let society or your industry dictate what you're supposed to be doing, thinking or how you should run your business and live your life. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and while you may feel behind or out of the loop or even late to the next big thing you are doing things the way you know how to do them. Is there room to do more, get better results? Sure, but only if you believe you can and will and at a pace that you are confident. You are your superpower and secret sauce embrace what makes you fabbo and on the timeline you will feel more positive about yourself and seek help as you need it and then put that help into action.

  • Focus on What You Can Control👁️

When you're dealing with a difficult situation or problem it can be helpful to take a step back and consider what you can and cannot have control over to help get it resolved and move forward. There could be parts of the problem that with the smallest adjustment or tweak other parts or areas will be solved, and the problem is not near as big. Focus on the areas that you can take immediate action on and not those that are due to circumstances that are out of your control and may take longer and require more substantial help or assistance to get you past this problem.

Once you shift your perspective to taking action,

you’ll realize that you need to get started to

make the most use of your attention to find resolution. 

You need to make decisions, and some will be hard, and some will might mean big changes so that this problem does not reoccur. As the CEO, you know choices play a huge role in your success and as your business grows them so do the problems and decisions become bigger, but your perspective in how you view and handle them will also become more routing and your confidence in yourself knowing you have the mindset to do what it necessary to build the business and life you want. Once you know the direction you are going in, and the focus on factors that you can control for success, and that success will include failures along the way, knowing and trusting in yourself that on the other side of these problems, challenges and discomfort is where the hard work pays off.


1: Write down the problem you are dealing with, then just start in a rapid-fire kind of way jotting done the pros and the cons of the problem. This does not have to be neat or organized it just needs to be all your thoughts and feeling at this moment.   Once you feel you have listed and gotten some of your frustrations down on paper, sit back and look at this list and focus in on what you can do now. Start crossing off what will not serve you in the solution and start placing things in order so you can take action.  

   Not only did you release some of that negative energy onto paper you also have  a plan of action.

2: Think about the list you wrote down in the last step. Ask yourself if this will matter three days, three weeks, and three years from now? If the answer is NO then do not give much energy and time to these. Change your perspective and use your time and focus on the items that allow you the most growth and reaching potential clients that will give you the freedom of time away from your business and with your family or friends. Cross off any items that can be outsourced so you can focus on within your zone of genius.

3: Talk to a loved one about the problem and the list you wrote down. Do they have a different perspective? Is there anything you can learn from them? Do they offer solutions that are not on your list and can they help you see the problem in a new light? Do not be afraid to ask for someone you trust that will give you honest feedback and  help you see why and how to move past the problem.


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