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Episode 74: Ready to pursue your next big goal? Here are 15 things you'll need to give up

How many of you have a vision board of what your next set of goals looks like? Maybe you have a journal. You know, we talked about journaling a lot here. Maybe you've wrote down your your next steps. If you're like me- I have an idea book. I'm always writing ideas down. So how many of you are ready for that?  My my philosophy is, embrace where you are right now. Be proud of where you are right now. Right? But you need to be looking towards the future. Not too far away, though, right? I want you to look at the year coming up, maybe the next few years coming up. I want you to focus on where you want to take your business and your life. Where do you want to thrive where you have to have some goals...bigger goals, maybe than the ones that you're working on daily. That's our topic today oEpisode 74 of the Be Fabbo Podcast. Ready to Pursue Your Next Big Goal? Here Are 15 Things You'll Need To Give Up. And I bet they're not what you think. 

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Ready to pursue your next big goal? Here are 15 things you'll need to give up

Enthusiasm, focus, and commitment are required to achieve big goals. The things that people with mediocre results spend their time on are not something you have time for. You must be willing to give up things when you set a big goal in motion. Working hard today towards your goals will pay off in the coming years. If you are determined, these things will be much easier to avoid.

In most cases, though, they're just a distraction. But, again, you need to be committed. Setting goals of any size should drive your motivation, and going for bigger goals should scare you, and that will be is indeed motivation.

 If you want to accomplish big goals, you'll need to give up a few things:

  1. Worrying about what's outside of your control. Doing so will only cause you to focus on what you cannot, and then you will likely never even put your goal into motion. Worrying never solves anything.
  2. Worrying about what others think. If you are worried about what others think about you, remember it's not what other people think about the goals you have for your business or your life that matters. It's what you think that counts. When you're trying to accomplish something challenging or something you have never done, you don't have time to worry about what others think.

  1. Wasting your time on things you can delegate or outsource. When you are taking the risk to set some big goals in motion, it takes time. Don't waste time doing anything that doesn't move your plans or goals forward. If you are spending time working and doing what you love and reaching your new goals will give you more freedom and bring you more joy, then don't waste time on trivial things that pull your focus and energy away.

  1. Getting lost in the scroll. While it's entertaining to watch all the fabbo dog reels or the latest dance craze on Tik Tok & yes, I know there are some valuable business tips to be found, for the most part, if you are working on pursuing your goals (get the goal done then next social media craze) slowing the scroll is a time sucker.
  2. Binging the latest whatever. Did you know that many highly successful people don't own a TV? Tempting to have a series on in the background. Wait until you have reached some milestones in your goal planning, and then grab your popcorn and get lost in the series, knowing you earned some downtime, and who knows, maybe you'll even find some inspiration to move your goal forward.
  3. Distraction on your phone. Set some phone boundaries while you are outlining your goals blueprint. Take advantage of the phone's technology and set up DND or a timer so that you work without interruption for a while. Send your calls to VM, and set your text to auto-respond. Then take a break and return calls or texts. This will help you focus on putting your goals in motion and still take care of the daily admin. You'll find you might be more productive with fewer phone distractions.
  4. Interacting with the noise around you. I first mentioned to stop worrying about things out of your control and wasting time. As a creative business owner, especially if you work from home or remotely, people often think you are really doing anything during the day, so they will call, drop by, or try to pull you into whatever they have going on in their world. While you want to be there and support them, it's so important during the early part of your bigger or next step goals that you keep most of your attention on your goals. I know life is short, and you need to be present, but you also must give yourself every opportunity to achieve your goals to build a business that will support you and your family with more freedom and make an impact.
  5. Looking for the easy route. Taking or doing the easy thing is rarely the practical thing. Trying to find a shortcut on your business journey and going after bigger goals to get you from here to there seldom speeds up that journey. Slow and steady will move you faster, and being effective in doing the hard things is critical to reaching your next chapter of success.

  1. Worrying you will fail. You will almost certainly fail in the short term. I mean, if you would not have to do any work or take that leap of faith if your goal was already successful. You have heard me say, " fail fast and fail often, " many times here on the podcast or in person speaking. Don't worry about if or when you will fail, stumble, make a mistake, whatever; you will always fine-tune any goal or idea you put into place. It's all in how you adjust your approach and continue forward with what you learned worked and what did not. Don't let that fear of failure hold you back

  1. Be around or listen to those not doing what you want to do. For example, if you are working on a goal or plan to grow your business financially to 7-8 or whatever figure you are working towards, then you need to be around those who are also on this same path. It's wise to listen to those who have reached a goal like yours. Surround yourself with people who challenge you to reach your goal, take what you are doing seriously, and not think you are just dreaming. So often, while family and friends mean well, they can hold us back and offer advice that is not useful or valuable.

  1. Being an exact copy of someone else blueprint. I know I just mentioned being around those doing what you want to do, but that does not mean doing it precisely as they are or have done it. You will never have the same results as your goals if you copy someone else blueprint for success. You must embrace what makes you fabbo and know that is your superpower. Be true to your authenticity as you set up and go about accomplishing your goals.
  2. Procrastination. Stop waiting for the perfect time to start working on your next big goal. It's time to take action so you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. When you keep putting off your goals for growth because something else keeps getting your attention, that can cause fear lurking in your mind, and that is the wrong mindset if you want to make changes and improvements in your business and your life. So stop with the excuses and get started.
  3. Let your emotions guide you when logic should lead. We usually choose or make decisions based on making us feel better right now. We hit a roadblock on our goal planning and think we need to make quick decisions to move past it. This is where I encourage you to bet on yourself, trust who you are and why you are here, be the CEO you are, and make sure you're basing any decisions on your long-term goals. Believe in yourself, your knowledge and experience that will help you make smarter decisions now and in the future.
  4. Keep making the same mistakes. When you keep doing the same thing over and over, the results will be the same. Learn from your mistakes early in your goal-setting process to stop wasting time repeating them. It's like trying to open a locked door repeatedly until you unlock it or change how you open it. It will remain locked. If you're stuck on an idea and how to implement it and keep trying to make it work, step away for a while and then come back with a fresh set of eyes or new brainstorming. You get nowhere and are more frustrated if you keep spinning.
  5. Seeking getting it done faster versus seeking progress. Seeking a fast result doesn't lead to a solid and profitable plan in the long term. Taking a shortcut to get your goal done halfway will not always result in long-term growth.  While you may be getting discouraged or overwhelmed with the lack of progress with all the work you have committed to in reaching your goal, if you do not see it through, of course, with some revisions, then you may find yourself doing some part of this goal over again in the near future. Commit to setting yourself and your business up for the future and expand on what this accomplished. Working in your business now will allow you the freedom to work on your business later.

Achieving big goals isn't just about what you do. It's also about what you're willing to give up. You can't expect to get everything done simultaneously as you currently do while working on bigger goals. Focusing on your business now is essential, but so is having more goals to be working on so you can keep thriving. There will be things you don't have time for if you want to reach higher levels of success. If you want to increase your productivity, you need to be willing to sacrifice some of your current roles in your business. It's not about what you can't do but what you're willing to give up and outsource so you can put your energy into new goals.  You need to be willing to make sacrifices to achieve your goals. There's no such thing as achieving big goals without first sacrificing something.

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