Episode 76: Surround Yourself With People Who Want More For You, Not More From You

Be Fabbo Podcast Episode 76 with Bobbi Brinkman

On this episode of Be Fabbo Podcast - Business + Personal Growth for Creative Entrepreneurs, Bobbi explores staying close to people who want more for you, not from you. In this solo episode, Bobbi invites us to look at how creative business owners often find themselves surrounded by people who hinder their progress by only taking from them instead of being supportive. Of course, having a network of people who believe in your vision and offer advice is crucial, not just using you for their connections or resources. But, as Bobbi reminds us, our stories are far from finished, and surrounding ourselves with people who empower us can unlock our full potential. 

Don't miss this enlightening episode on building a supportive network that cheers you on in good times of growth as well as is there to encourage you to get back up when you stumble and do it because they believe in you and your message of service, not for what you can do for them to advance their message.

In episode 76, I am sharing a topic that keeps coming from the wedding groups and associations I have been speaking with this past month, surrounding yourself with people that want more you than they want from you. It's that never-ending tug-of-war of wanting to be people pleasers. But, on the other hand, we don't want to say NO when we know we should and are too afraid to spend less time with those just in a different part of their business journey than we are. So I felt since this topic seemed to be on creatives minds right now,  but also one that we don't, as creative business owners, often don't consider enough. 

As entrepreneurs and creatives, we inherently attract people looking to use our skills and resources for their benefit. They may network with us, ask for advice or connections, or even try to become our clients. While networking and collaboration can be crucial for success, it's vital to distinguish between supportive relationships and those that are purely transactional.

The people we surround ourselves with can significantly impact our business's success and personal growth. Therefore, it's vital to prioritize relationships with people who genuinely want to see us succeed, who believe in our vision, and who offer valuable advice toward achieving our goals. In addition, these people provide encouragement and support without expecting to receive something in return.

While staying in our comfort zones and surrounding ourselves with familiar faces is tempting, we must remember that our story's best chapters are still unwritten. We should seek out and embrace mentors and colleagues who challenge us to expand our horizons and unlock our potential. The right people can be instrumental in helping us pursue our dreams, even when it feels like we're not making progress.

Focusing on genuine connections is the key to building a supportive network. When we recognize that successful relationships are built on trust, mutual respect, and shared values, we can grow and thrive alongside the people who genuinely want to see us succeed.

Remember, as you continue to build your business and pursue your creative passions, surround yourself with people who want more for you, not from you. Seek mentors, collaborate with like-minded colleagues, and never underestimate the power of a supportive community. With the right people by your side, there's no limit to what you can achieve.

  • Surround Yourself with People Who Want More for You, Not More From You
  • Creative business owners often surround themselves with people who want more from them.
  • This Can hinder their progress.
  • Importance of having a supportive network
  • It's essential to have a supportive network of people.
  • People who believe in your vision and offer their advice.
  • Rather than just using you for connections or resources.
  • Unwritten chapters of our story
  • The best chapters of our story are still unwritten.
  • We should surround ourselves with people who empower us.
  • People who help us unlock our potential.


That's all for today, friends! I hope you enjoy episode 76.

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