Episode 86: Embrace What Makes You Fabbo Pt. 3

Be Fabbo Podcast Episode 86: Embrace What Makes You Fabbo Pt. 3

Welcome back to the Be Fabbo Podcast! In this episode, we delve deeper into the topic of embracing what makes you fabbo. We explore how embracing your uniqueness and authenticity can shape your legacy, not only in your business but in all aspects of your life. So, get ready to be inspired and motivated as we embark on this journey of personal growth and creating a lasting impact aligned with your core values. 

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EPISODE 86: Embrace What Makes You Fabbo-- Pt. 3


  1. Legacy: Leaving an Impact Beyond Material Possessions

When we think of legacy, we often associate it with material possessions. However, true legacy goes beyond tangible things and lies in the impact we leave on people's hearts and minds. It's about the imprint we make on others through our work, our relationships, and our personal growth. By embracing what makes us unique and authentic, we can leave a lasting impression that resonates for generations to come. 

  1. Authenticity: A Powerful Quality in Leadership

Authenticity is a compass that guides leaders on a path of genuine influence. It's not about being a popular influencer on social media but about genuinely wanting to guide and help others. When leaders embrace their authentic selves, they inspire and empower those around them to do the same. Authenticity holds immense power in leadership, as it builds trust, fosters genuine connections, and creates a positive ripple effect throughout the entire organization. 

  1. Purposeful Action: Shaping Your Desired Legacy

Taking purposeful action is essential in shaping your legacy. It requires deliberate choices and aligning your actions with the desired impact you want to make. Purposeful action allows you to share your journey and invite others to participate, amplifying the positive changes created through your unique contributions. By being intentional in your actions, you create a legacy that reflects your values and authenticity. 

  1. Gratitude and Celebration: Embracing Self and Others

As you embark on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment, it's important to express gratitude for the milestones achieved and the obstacles overcome. Celebrating yourself and the ripple effect of positivity you create is vital. By leading in all aspects of your life, you build a thriving business and a purposeful life. 

  1. Crafting Your Own Version of Success

Crafting your own version of success is about being in control and driving your own path. It's important to be clear on the direction you want to go, even if your future self is not yet visible. Every step you take contributes to becoming the best version of yourself. Remember, your legacy is shaped by what people talk about when discussing you. So, embrace your uniqueness and fabbo qualities to create a legacy that reflects your values and authenticity. 

  1. Personal Growth: Linked to Your Legacy

Your personal growth journey is intricately linked to the legacy you are creating. As you overcome challenges, gain insights, and make contributions, you add richness to your legacy. Milestones in your business, such as staying in business, adding team members, and achieving financial goals, all contribute to your legacy. Consider the impact your business will have after you're gone and the legacy it leaves in the community and for your family. 

  1. Inspirational Figures: Embracing Authenticity and Leaving a Legacy

Let's draw inspiration from renowned figures who have embraced their uniqueness and left a lasting legacy. Michelle Obama, for example, extended her authenticity as a first lady. Her initiatives were grounded in her own experiences, connecting with a wider audience, and leaving a remarkable impact. Similarly, Ellen DeGeneres embraced and shaped her authenticity as a comedian and talk show host, openly embracing her identity and reflecting values of inclusivity and spreading joy. Let these individuals inspire you to face obstacles, stand up against negativity, and empower yourself and others.

As we come to the end of this episode, remember that you have the power to embrace what makes you fabbo and shape your unique legacy. Celebrate and appreciate every part of yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses. Stay true to your values, passions, and dreams from the beginning, and expect to change and adapt as you grow. Confront expectations and work through obstacles that arise along the way. Crafting your own version of success is an ongoing journey, and as you embrace your uniqueness, you contribute to a legacy that spans beyond your time on this Earth. So, go out there, be fabbo, and leave an indelible mark on the world!


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