How Being Mindful Can Help You Accept Yourself

Do you know how being mindful can help you accept yourself? It's time to look inward👁️ and assess whether your self-image is holding you back. Does this make you feel good about yourself? Do you fully and unconditionally accept yourself?

Before you write it off as nonsense, I want you to sit with it for a minute. 🕰️ Really to consider how being mindful is already affecting your business and your life.

What is the purposes of mindfulness? Why is it important? Mindfulness helps you to be more aware of yourself, your thoughts, and your surroundings. Most of us find that the thoughts portion is the hardest one. What do your thoughts mostly consist of?

When you have a thought about something, it’s called a “thought.” This is what your mind does when you notice that something is happening in the present moment, the past and what you hope will happen soon or in the future.  Your mind is a constant stream of thought, like now thinking about all the times you are always thinking about something.

Self-reflection is necessary for personal growth and development. 

There's no getting around the fact that self-consciousness is part of your life.

If anyone has an issue with their self-image, they're probably going to have a hard time focusing on thoughts because their brains 🧠will simply shy away from thoughts about it. 

Your mind won’t want to be mindful if you hate yourself, because it doesn’t want to be reminded of that.

Maybe this is you. You have a hard time accepting yourself and the thoughts you have about yourself are full of negativity and self-doubt. You always have that little voice in your head telling you what it not possible and that you are never going to amount to anything so stop trying. Just accept that the path for your business and life is going to always be a struggle. That voice is easier to listen to in today’s hyper-connected and hyper-critical world, where we are often bombarded by people telling us about every perceived flaw and shortcoming. Social media shows us what fabbo lives and business others have and then we hear those thoughts of that what is wrong with me and why can't I have this level of success. 

It’s hard to like yourself if it seems like no one else likes you. It's really hard to like and believe in yourself because you feel like an outsider or not accepted while looking into the world of others. Your thoughts tell you, because you are not doing what others are doing you are not welcomed or liked.

Since you tuned into, thank you first and foremost and I feel it’s safe to say that maybe you are struggling with your self-image or self-acceptance.  Now is the time for you to sit down and do a deep dive about your self-image. Do you like yourself? What parts of yourself do you like or not like? Why? What parts of yourself do you still have trouble accepting? Why? What areas of your life do you feel could improve is your views and thoughts on your self-image were different? I'm going to challenge and encourage you to be brutally honest here.

Ok, so now you have made a list and you've been honest with yourself so you’ve identified a problem or two, you can now tackle it head on. 

I really want you to try mindfulness this time and pay attention to your thoughts.

This is an excellent time to catch yourself saying something critical of yourself.

Whatever you come up with will either be on the list of things you want to do, or something new you haven’t yet.

Thoughts are powerful; therefore, be intentional about your thoughts and beliefs. This is especially important for people who have an underlying belief that they are inadequate or unworthy. Change your thoughts and train your mind to think more positively about yourself. Example “I don’t like x about myself” can become “I accept x about myself.”

The entire process of making a change about what your inner voice says to yourself and removing that negative chatter takes time, but the results for starting to speak to yourself in a positive manner should begin showing soon.

This strategy is used in many fields to help advance self-acceptance, including by professional therapists, and if you follow it, you’ll become better at accepting yourself and at being mindful.❤️

To help you get started I created Mindfulness Daily Worksheet

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