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How To Create A Gratitude List


Finding a daily habit that can help you cope better with stress, improve your mood, and help boost your overall well-being should be an everyday priority. For example, a gratitude list can help ease your mind, inspire growth, and focus on the positive things in your life.

7 Steps to get you started

Step 1. Decide on a format that is easy for you to stick with

Some people enjoy writing things down on a piece of paper and taking time to read them later, while others find it easier to keep their list as a note in their digitally simply.

A mental gratitude list is a valuable tool that allows you to acknowledge your positive life experiences and focus on what you are grateful for in your life.

A visual person's gratitude list should be composed of images or icons instead of words.

Some people like to record their gratitude and thankfulness onto a video or speak their gratitude list to their phone and play back that audio whenever they need a boost of gratitude reminder.

How you do it is up to you. Lists might be short and concise or long paragraphs of gratitude ideas, whatever works for you as long as you start and stick to it. This practice must bring you joy, not become a task you don't look forward to.

Step 2. Get in the right mindset.

Making a gratitude list requires keeping your mind focused on the present moment. Unfortunately, when you spend too much time thinking about the past, and the future or dwelling on things that don't serve your highest good, you may start to fixate on the negative emotions you are feeling. Feel proud of your success! How do you feel about what you have accomplished? Take some time to celebrate and reflect on your accomplishments.

Step 3. Create your list.

Appreciate everything and anything that makes you feel grateful at this moment. How can you use those qualities to create more of what you want in life?

What do you see, feel, can do, have accomplished, or are working toward that brings you happiness? Don't just think about your business or career; what areas of your life do you find gratitude in?

Think of all your relationships, memories, and positive emotions when you look back on your day. You shouldn't focus too much on what you own but on what you feel.

There are no wrong or correct answers. You may feel grateful to be alive today. You may consider yourself lucky for your spouse, children, family members, or health. You may want to honor the struggles you are currently experiencing for what they are teaching you. List it all. List everything that you want to say "thank you" to at this time.

Step 4. Let your personality shine on your list.

You can add drawings, photos, or objects to your list. Even those doodles you create when on zoom calls! Use different colors for each bullet point, a different font, or even a diagram to show the different ways of making your list.

It's entirely up to you to design your list, but make it your own and express how you appreciate your life, business, and all the fabbo abundance you have. Let your personality shine.

Step 5. Be sure to add reasons "why."

Write down a list of what you are grateful for and why you appreciate it. Don't forget to include and appreciate yourself on your list. If something is important to you, it must be on your gratitude list. You'll find gratitude gives you a sense of purpose and builds confidence, happiness, and fabbo energy.

Step 6. Be positive and affirm goals

Be sure to include goals you are working on now, and while they are a work in progress, the positive attitude in which you show gratitude for the power of yet. For example, I have not reached my sales goals for the week…yet, but I am grateful for the continued support of my clients. So I'll take that weekend camping trip when I reach my sales goals. 

Step 7. Reflect often.

Gratitude lists are not a once-and-done thing. You might get started and then stop, but if you can always come back to it, like anything else, once you get into the routine or habit, you will find a way to make it happen. Make it your mission, and get into the habit of adding something every day. Then, go back to your list and reflect often. You may think it's not easy to practice gratefulness all the time, but as you keep doing it, you'll naturally become more and more grateful. It will become a habit that your day won't feel complete if you are not making entries on your gratitude list.


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