Replace Business Fears With Curiosity

This month in my group coaching calls, we've discussed what would happen if we replaced fear with curiosity. ⁠

As a result of these conversations, many of the creatives in the group came to the realization that when we give up fear, it allows us to expand into new areas of our business and lives. If we took small and big risks from a place of curiosity, opportunities would present themselves in a much less "scary or fearful" way. ⁠

When we are curious, we are more open to reaching new clients or collaborations and new goals that we might have felt were unattainable at this stage of our business journey. Replacing fear means being confident in yourself to have the ability to step out of your comfort zone and start building a thriving business and life.⁠

I, just like many of you, have been there paralyzed by the fear of taking that next step or risk to try something new because of the fear of the "what if's." If you think about it, when you first decided to start your business, fear might have been there, but it was much weaker, and you tried not to listen to that inner voice saying, "don't do this" instead curiosity of "what if I can do this" was a bit louder or you would not be where you are today. ⁠

You took that risk before, so don't stop believing in yourself now and let fear hold you back or allow you to stay stuck. Get curious again and keep moving forward. You’ve got what it takes to succeed and grow.⁠

If you need a little nudge to replace fear, grab a Fabbo Chat and let's create some strategies to transform that fear into curiosity.⁠

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