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Why Are You Fearful?

🤔 Do you ever stop to soak up all the fabboness in your life?

🙏🏻 I know there are times or seasons in which we forget or cannot see that we have so much to be grateful for.

➡️ And too often, we focus on things that aren't working. But there are so many things that are working!

📝 We write down our goals and plans and then get so busy we can't be present in the moment from all the hard work we are putting into our business or careers.

🔑 Is to appreciate the season you are in right now, knowing it will pass one way or another. Don't be full of doubt and fear that you won't come out better on the other side. Ask yourself why you are fearful or doubtful, and get to the question behind the question; as you do that, embrace what is fabbo right now, in this season of your business and life.

⏳️ My favorite thing about my life right is that the seasons are changing here on the island. We have far fewer tourists, so less sharing of the beaches so we can catch those cotton candy skies and, of course, cheer for the DAWGS 🏈 It's also the season where I can slow down and travel for some family+friend time and not just for a wedding or speaking (which I'll never take for granted) A time to put some new things in place for 2023 and focus on my next chapters and where the universe is calling me.

📌 While I am passionate about encouraging, motivating, and reminding you that you are fabbo just as you are, my coaching clients know that it's not all fluff with me; there is some hard but intentional pushing from me, so they believe in the power of their purpose and that growth comes from knowing they have more in them, regardless of what that more is, they have it in them to unlock all their potential.

📱 If you are ready to dig in deep and want to stop playing small in your business and your life and find out why fear may be holding you back, send me a DM or a text, and let's get started.


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