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I'm Bobbi, your podcast host & all-around cheerleader.


Welcome to my little corner of the podcast world. A space for creatives to listen in on candid conversations & topics on life as a creative entrepreneur. A podcast with mindset, motivation, and encouragement mixed with business growth strategies, tools, and tech so you can take action. Equally important to me was creating a podcast of empowerment that includes episodes with resources on personal + professional development + inclusion—often the less glamorous or popular topics in our industry.

It’s a privilege to share this space with you as you listen in on the conversations here on the Be Fabbo Podcast.

So grab your earbuds, and let’s continue to be empowered and motivated on our growth journey building a thriving business and life.

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Episode 74

Ready to pursue your next big goal? Here are 15 things you'll need to give up!


This podcast is for you if...

... you love audio as much as I do, then I invite you to grab your earbuds, and let's share this space where we'll be Motivated to Be Fabbo.

candid conversations about what's working for creatives, trends, tools, and tech

wins, losses & the in-between, because we all have them

hear business & personal growth strategies, tips, and takeaways you can implement after listening

solo & guest episodes 

Each episode, the goal is to empower & cheer you on with takeaways that MOTIVATE • EDUCATE • CELEBRATE you. Challenge you to embrace what makes you fabbo and use that as inspiration to grow the business and life you want, love, and are proud of. 

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Jen Vazquez

Pinterest Marketing Coach

Episode 60

Don't Miss Out On The Power Of PINTEREST----- and will give you the why's and the how's! Jen is FABBO, and we can't wait for you to put in your earbuds and hear why!! You'll love that Jen has a phenomenal system to enable you to spend about 45 minutes a week doing all things Pinterest – so there's no overwhelm! Really! 



Bobbi Brinkman

Episode 58

Bobbi encourages you to not let fear creep in and to stop for a moment of gratitude for yourself because you are still standing.

As someone who is supportive and your best cheerleader, she's reminding you there is fabbo coming to you, your business and the industry. Re-listen + Recharge! Continue to Bet On Yourself!


The Value Of Working With A Copywriter

Kathy Young

Episode 58

Kathy is the founder of Rekindle Communications and self proclaimed seeker of life's little pleasures. Lucky for all of us, she brings her years of marketing agency experience along with passion, understanding, expertise and inspiration.  Because she seeks the little pleasures and cares so deeply for her clients she understands:These little moments remind me why we’re built for human connection. And now more than ever, your community craves the same connection going beyond digital screens. So whether it’s a social media post or an email, your words matter. Your words forge connections. 


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